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Art monuments in the prefecture of Serres

Thumbnail Size Description
* 99Kb The lion of Amphipolis
* 7Kb A view of the relics of the ancient city of Amphipolis.
* 7Kb The lion of Amphipolis, as it can be seen from the old road which was connecting the town of Kavala with the city of Thessaloniki.
* 85Kb On the left the St. John Monastery fountain. On the other side the main church and the belfry.
* 99Kb A panoramic view of the monastery of St. John the Baptist.
* 60Kb The tower at the SW part of the Monastery. It was built by the second founder (1300-1333) and was converted into a library in 1876.
* 17Kb The Monument, symbol of sacrifice of the 250 Kerdylia inhabitants who were executed by the German occupation forces on 17 October 1941. It was reared in 1980 on on the crossroad of the two old villages called Ano and Kato Kerdylia.
* 36Kb The monument in Roupel fortress.

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