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Photos from the modern city

Thumbnail Size Description
* 61Kb The central square. It is called "Eleftherias square" which means the square of Liberty.
* 34Kb The central square in snow
* 45Kb A view of the central square at night.
* 28Kb A park in Serres at the "Palaioi Baxedes" location.
* 54Kb The building of the prefecture
* 60Kb The new cathedral of Serres, the church of "Taxiarhes".
* 33Kb The cultural centre. It was built in 1993, and it is one of the most outstanding samples of modern architecture in Serres
* 22Kb The 1st lyceum of Serres
* 48Kb The picturesque railway station at the end of Merachias street
* 19Kb The railway station in snow
* 70Kb The city football stadium
* 35Kb Extensive view of the park of St. Anargiri valley and of Exohon street. The large buildings is the indoor swimming pool and beyond it can be seen the indoor basket court.
* 34Kb The artificial lake of St. Anargiri park. Its waters reflects the beauty of the landscape and constitute an attraction pole for young and old.
* 44Kb A picturesque path inside the pines. Moments of reflection and rest after the walk. The light roaring of the torrent soothes the soul.
* 51Kb An extensive view of the valley.
* 53Kb One of the many night clubs that are located in the valley.
* 60Kb An extensive view of the national swimming pool.
* 29Kb An inside view of indoor swimming pool.
* 66Kb The national swimming pool in Serres.
* 44Kb A city view from "Koulas". The large building which is first seen after the pines (having the shape of an E) is the 3rd Lyceum of Serres
* 10Kb Another city view
* 7Kb Yes...another city view. The large church is the new cathedral of "Taxiarhes"
* 41Kb The hill of "Koulas"
* 39Kb One of the many picturesque paths that are crossing the hill of "Koulas"

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