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he Chinese said once: A picture is worth a thousand words. This page contains plenty of photographs, describing as best as possible the beauty of the landscape. The city of Serres has continuously demonstrated that the wealth of a city is reflected through the creativity and vitality of its inhabitants and that this fact is not due only to the surrounding tamed landscape nor to the developed city planning, but also to the variety of intellectual stimuli and historical references, able to feed the needs of a visitor desiring at the same time to combine the peace of the natural landscape with the vitality of the contemporary urban space. Through the photographs and texts of this page we hoped to create a simple and pleasant approach to the historical sites and monuments of the contemporary city, of its rich natural environment and its vicinity.


elivering this virtual tourist guide, I expect it to be a valuable tool which will satisfy the need of promotion of Serres through Internet, even though creating these pages was not a really big deal. Visitors and friends from far away places will travel through these pages and hopefully love our district.

Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis

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