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I would like here to thank all those who made a significant contribution to the creation of this page.

Foto Klik
Foto Klik
Mosses Boudourides,
who maintained the section of Amphipolis and created the first home page for the City of Serres.
who kindly provided me with a lot of these nice photos.
Parenthesis O.E.,
Evripidou 54, Nikaia, Athens, for scanning completely free of charge all the photos.
The Municipality of Serres,
for donating its publication "Serres" in order to get some more information about the city.
The Prefecture of Serres,
for donating its publication "Invitation of Acquaintance" which proved to be a valuable guide and the main source of the historical references.
Chris Polychroniades (,
for the proof-reading.
Mountziaris Lakis (,
for creating a mirror (an older version) of this site in USA.

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