The snowing centre of Lailias
The ski lodge of snowing centre
t a distance of 24Km from the city and at the end of a wonderful drive where the scenery changes constantly, a tall forest of beech and forest pine trees extends; the forest of Lailias. Lailias forest is worth visiting and exploring throughout the year. It is considered a unique paradise while its history dates from the last thousand years.

The ski track The ski center on the northern side, 1600m above the sea level, is the additional reward to those who want to combine sports with recreation in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of our country. The view which is offered from the ski lodge is magnificent. On the ground level there is a restaurant, on the first floor the cafe and on the second floor an office and dormitories for the skiers. The ski track is 1000m long, includes a ski lift 850m long, which can carry up to 700 people per hour. Every year all sorts of ski races are carried out, giving the young (and not only) a change to experience winter sports.

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